School Calendar 2023-2024

Date Event
3rd April
Selection for houses
8th April
Speech on plantation/afforestation

13th April

Speech on Baisakhi

14th April

Baisakhi- Holiday(as per Govt. order)

15th April

Naat competition

18th April

Shab-e-Qadr-Holiday ( as per Govt. order)

21st April

Friday following-Holiday( as per Govt. order)

22 April

Id- ul Fitr- Holiday ( as per Govt. order)

25th  April

Jashn-e- Eid

29th April

Hiking for classes IV-X

1st May

Labour Day ( Speech)

4th May

Speech on Founders’ Day

5th May

Budhpurnima- Holiday ( as per Govt. Order)

5th May

29th Death Anniversary of Late Mrs S.P.Singh

6th May

Outing for classes Nur-III

8th May

Red Cross Day

14th May

Mother’s Day

15th May

Art Competition for classes I-X

20th May

Outing for classes IV-X

29th May

U1 Examination for  classes I-X

5th June

World Environment day (Debate)


Inter house Cricket Match(Boys)

12th June

Rhyme Competition (L.P.D)

13th June

Calligraphy Competition for classes V-X ( urdu)

14th June

Handwriting Competition for classes I-IV

15th-16th June

Inter house Cricket Match(Girls)

17th June

Result declaration of UI

18th June

Father’s day

21st June

Yoga Day

22 June

Science quiz VI-X

23-24th June

Inter House Volleyball Match (Boys)

26th June

Seminar on Drug De-addiction

28th June

Eid-ul- Zuha- Holiday.( as per Govt. order)

3rd July

Unit II Examination for classes Nur-X

5th July

Guru Hargobindji- Holiday (as per Govt. order)

12th July

Paper Bag Day (Activity)

13-14 July

Inter House Volleyball Match (Girls)

15th July

Picnic for classes IV-X

18th July

Picnic for classes Nur-III

20-21 July

Inter House Kho- Kho Match (Boys)

21st July

Emoji day

22 July

Result declaration of UII Exams

25th July

Fruit Mela

27th-29th July

School Summer camp for classes VI-X

30th July

Friendship Day

5th August


11-12th August

Inter House Kho-Kho Match (Girls)

15th August

Independence Day- Holiday

20th August

World Humanitarian Day

25th August

World Water Week

26th August

Outdoor activity( photography) for senior students

29th August

National Sports Day

2nd September

TI Examination for classes Nur-X

5th September

Teachers’ day

7th September

Founders’ day

7th September

Janamashtami- Holiday (as per Govt. order)

14th September

National Hindi Day

14th September

Teacher vs Student Cricket Match

16th September

Result declaration of TI exams

21- 22nd September

Inter House Kabaddi (Boys)

23rd September

Birthday of Maharaja

Hari Singh- Holiday ( as per Govt. order)

26th September

Seminar on Eid Milad -un- Nabi

27th September

Eid-un-Milad- Holiday( as per Govt. order)

29th September

Friday following Eid

Milad- Holiday ( as per Govt. order)

2nd October

Gandhi Jayanti-Holiday (as per Govt. order)Speech

3-4th October

Inter House Kabaddi( Girls)

9-10th October

Inter House Badminton Match ( Boys)

10th  October

Speech on Sheikh Noor ud din

11th  October

Sheikh Noor ud din- Holiday(as per Govt. order)

16th October

World Food Day

17th– 18th October

Inter House Badminton Match(Girls)    

23rd October

Mahanavmi- Holiday ( as per Govt.order)

24th October

Dussehra- Holiday( as per Govt. order)

26th October

Accession Day- Holiday ( as per Govt. order)

30th October

UIII Examination for classes Nur-X

12th November

Diwali- Holiday ( as per Govt. order)

14th September

Children’s Day Celebration

17th November

International Student’s Day

18th  November

Result Declaration of UIII exams

27th November

Guru Nanak Devji

Birthday- Holiday (as per Govt. order)

28th November

Pre- Final Examination for classes Nur-X

9th December

Pre- Final Result/ winter


4th March

Term II Examination for classes Nur-IX

23rd March

Result Declaration of Term II