Late. Mrs. Rup S.P. Singh | Late. Mr. S.P. Singh


Woodlands House School was established by our beloved Founder Principal Mrs Rup SP Singh in the year 1966 under the foothills of the world famous Takht-e-Sulaiman/Shankaracharya Temple. Initially the school started with a few students but her dedication, devotion and hard work attracted the people of J&K in general and that of Srinagar in particular. The institution began to progress and within no time the curve of the roll started going up. Her work was recognized by the then Chief Minister, Late Bakshi Gulam Mohammad and later on by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah who encouraged her to start her junior wing at Shivpora, Srinagar which later was converted to the Girls Wing. Woodlands House School was the need of the hour as only a few English Medium Schools were functioning and a good number of students got enrolled in the school. Under her dynamic leadership our school moved forward in every sphere- academic, co-curricular and infrastructural. She was full of keen insight and a balance of best qualities of head and heart. We are really proud of her leadership and guidance. Her role as a competent head of the prestigious institution is recognized equally by students and noble citizens of the state.

She had adream of an ideal institution which serves as a corrective measure for students and an ameliorative factor for the society which she truly achieved during her tenure. She wished that students should be able to imbibe best social and moral values during their education in the school and after completion of their education they would serve as role models in the society. The result of which is that our students excel in different fields and bring laurels of success to the institution. Unfortunately our Founder Principal parted with us in the year 1995 and her son, Mr. Riki Singh, the Chairman/Principal of the school had to shoulder the responsibility of running and managing the school as per the expectations of the people. Following the footprints of our founder he leaves no stone unturned to make this institution a success.