Mrs. Farah Fatima | Mrs. Chesfida Fayaz | Mrs. Sharifa Arshad Mir | Mrs. Fozia Majeed

Academic Supervisors

Woodlands House school was founded in 1966 by Mrs Rup SP Singh with the intention of offering value based and quality education to the blooming buds of the Kashmir valley. The aim of our school is to help our students to grow into fine human beings who are capable to face the challenges of the present world. Those who pass out from our school are to be men and women who are ever ready to live and serve for others. Our school not only provides bookish knowledge but educates children in every respect. We thrust upon extra curricular activities, seminars, symposiums, sports, competitions, related to essay writing, drawings etc. Debates and other speaking activities are comprehended to enhance the personality of our children.

Individually and collectively let’s work to serve the cause of education for the betterment of the coming generation so that they live in the world where knowledge is free and the head is held high. Let our children grow as world class citizens – a generation of eminent thinkers and wise planners contributing a better world order.